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  • Pick your template from one of our done for you cards, or send us your custom design.
  • Insert your business contact information.
  • Share your card!
1QR digital business cards are
Fully customizable - create beautiful eye catching business cards simply and easily.
Shareable everywhere your phone shares - Facebook, Twitter, ad platforms, text, email, messenger...the options are endless!
Trackable - be notified when someone shares your card on your behalf.
Dynamically updated - when you update your card, it updates everywhere. Only your most recent contact information will be available.
SSL secure - use with other marketing tools like proximity marketing and online advertising platforms.
Custom URL compatible - redirect your custom URL directly to your 1QR card. Drive traffic to your 1QR card just by sharing your URL.
1QR digital business cards are
The only digital card Card Index you’ll need.
1QR is FREE to all users.
Claim your first 1QR card for $.99 per month.
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